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Knowledge of oneself enables you to remain true to your own identity despite external influences, to develop an altruistic disposition and act accordingly. It is the congruence between your inner and outside world -or authenticity- which determines the extent to which others provide you with the opportunity and trust to be of influence.

Self-insight increases through objective reflection and honest self-investigation. By looking beyond one’s perception and by unmasking tenacious ego-tricks that are harmful to the group’s (and therefore your own) interests. In order for you to see what your actual motives, talents and unpleasant character traits are, instead of what you wish them to be. Because, like every other person, you are inclined to identify yourself subconsciously with the talents you desire and subsequently fail to deliver on. And you too tend to (mis)take your imperfections for qualities. These mechanisms are fairly unproductive since they weaken your impact and (self)confidence when falling short on realizing your intentions.

That is why you want to know the ‘core’ of your personality, which contains crucial information about your ingrained value-system, motives, talents, passions, thought patterns, affections, interaction, learning points and development potential. The root of resistance, which you previously attributed perhaps to life experiences, can also be recognized in this core. Insight into the complex interaction or interplay between your nature, ambitions and perceptions will show you the way out of the misty labyrinth of subjective experiences, resistance and emotions. This self-regulation is needed to fulfil your role as a servant leader with success.

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