The yield of servant leadership

Below we look at the benefits of servant leadership for each systemic element, from individual to society. This allows us to see how servant leadership at the lower levels affects the greater whole, and vice versa. Because each larger system contains the preceding smaller systems, like a Russian Matryoshka doll. Actions at the individual level have an impact on the higher, more encompassing, levels. And inversely, the higher level encapsulates and inspires the individual.


At an individual level, servant leadership leads to personal and professional development of both the manager and the other person. By acting from consideration for the interests of the other, you do him justice and activate and interweave the best in both of you. Together you are more efficient and contribute to respectful relationships.


Teams led by servant leaders that are aimed at synthesis and have insight into systemic cohesion, are characterized by an effective bundling of individual qualities. As a result, the team’s effectiveness grows beyond the sum of its parts and achieves common ground on the team’s goals. These teams can be recognized by their level of ownership, effective communication, efficient collaboration, result-oriented team spirit and work enjoyment.


Servant leadership leads to an overall ethical disposition within organisations. Where teams and departments of integrity work together effectively and with passion, while placing the interest of the external client first. Since a serving organisation has insight into systemic interdependencies and is conscious of its societal responsibilities, it can tend to real needs within society. Negative externalities of organisational decisions are prevented and profit is made available to realize collective interests.


In a society led by people with a serving focus geared towards synthesis, everyone’s interest is cared for and every individual has his/her respected contribution to the whole. This reduces (social) isolationism and enables people to work together towards the benefit of collective interests. Every act that can harm others is avoided.