When professionals are engaged in exchanging ideas and views about a certain course (i.e. solution, goal, result, different working method, etc.) you realize a connection, common ground and ownership amongst this group of people. What started as an uncoordinated collection of people with individual interests, goals and opinions, grows into a synthesised, inspired, result-oriented unit(y) with shared goals and interests, in which everyone experiences a sense of purpose and ability to make a difference.
As a servant leader you facilitate this process skilfully and with commitment, in the knowledge that ownership, talent development and accelerated self-regulating will be part of the yield. Employees will take on responsibility as a matter of course, when they recognize themselves in the viewpoints, goals, methods and tasks that were agreed upon voluntarily and together. People will be intrinsically motivated to utilize their talent and energy and to organise their work in such a way that shared goals will be achieved.

This bundling of talents will not come into existence without you creating the right condusive environment. Which you do by providing others with insight into the course you’ve set out and by inviting them to think along. You share and distribute influence through which knowledge, experiences, ideas and possible approaches get exchanged freely and interwoven into unity.
This synthesising process leads to common ground, through several stages. Each stage has its characteristic behaviour. You have a feel for these stages and can reason them through logically. Based on which you can anticipate and create the circumstances in which those involved can grow from one stage to the next. Your knowledge of personal and team development as well as your positive, result-oriented approach to group processes, stress, resistance and the conflicts that are inherent to this process, will be of assistance to you. You will be able to create a safe work environment in which solutions to challenges are found thanks to diversity, talent development is common practice and communication is transparent and constructive. Naturally, while maintaining focus and dedication to the greater whole. All the better that you excel at self-regulation

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