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The act of steering, or setting out a course, presupposes that you develop a vision on the possibilities for sustainably developing the interconnected systems of colleagues, teams, organisation, customers and other stakeholders. Rather than building your vision from gut feeling, you utilize your experiences, clear intuition and intelligent, unbiased research into the patterns, relations and interconnections inside the learning system and the consequences that follow from it. You see the bigger picture, can identify cause and effect, and consequently know how to work out the logical steps to best serve and align with the interests of external stakeholders on the one hand, and the talents and development potential of your organisation on the other hand.

What this ability gives you, is both a clear starting point with a recognizable problem definition, as well as appealing solutions which fit the problem. Naturally, these solutions vary from small interventions to drastic processes of change. And they never are an end in themselves, but only a means to strengthen the system.

During the steering dialogue that you will help bring about, you will engage all stakeholders in a thought process about the current and the desired situation. In this way, you will facilitate the process from engaging to connecting, in order to achieve common ground on the results you seek to create, but also on the pathway that leads towards these results. Also, within yourself…

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