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What we mean by self-regulation, is the ability to hone one’s attitude and behaviour in a way that intentions, viewpoints and goals are conveyed more effectively. In your role as servant leader you do not allow primitive action-reaction patterns to guide your behaviour, but instead you consciously and purposefully steer your attitude and behaviour to align with that which benefits the group. Signs from your surroundings propel you to engage in critical self-reflection enabling you subsequently to align your behaviour with the needs of those around you as well as with your own intentions.

The yield of self-regulation is knowledge on depolarizing resistance, both within yourself and in interaction with others, and the subsequent transformation into unity and inspiration.

Besides extensive self-knowledge, self-regulation requires dedication, discipline and a receptive mind in order to keep calm and maintain an overview in moments of resistance and to discover opportunities for development. This is hard work, but the inner balance you will discover and the impact it will have on your surroundings, will make you keen to continue on this path.

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